Friday, 21 January 2011

Seeing Harry forn the last time :(

Well today i went to see my little man for the final time, i will never see his sweet litle face again after today, but his funeral is monday and thats when we say our final goodbye, if im honest i wasnt prepared for how much he had changed, but i knew he was still my beautiful little boy! i wont remember him the way i saw him today, il remember the images of when i first held him and how lovely he was, i cant tell you how much love i felt for him as soon as i held him and i still feel the love for him now, but... TODAY was so hard, my heart just felt like it was breaking into little peices, my whole body felt like it was aching all of a sudden, i hate whats happend, i cant believe my little boy is sleeping forever, why arnt you here with mummy? Id give anything just to hear your cry, your laugh, & your first words..
Il never be able to hear any of them, id liturally do/give anything to hear them honestly i would.
Had abit of bad news today about a work colegue, she was 11weeks pregnant and shes had a miscariage, how can this world be so cruel? why let us get excited and plan our futures with our little ones just to take it all away from us and the babys? Whats the point in that & wheres the justice !!!!!

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