Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mummys missing you.

Dear Harry.

Mummys missing you so much, each day seems to be a struggle and getting harder not easier. I love you so much, i just pray to god that your with my mum and in safe keeping because although your in my heart Angel your still my baby, and you need someone to look after you up there in heaven, each day i wake up i hope that its the day i come to rest with you, mummys hurting baby and doesnt want to get through each day without you but knows i have no choice, just looking at your photo reduces me to tears, because you should be here with me and not away from me, nobody relises that im dying inside just because i look 'ok' on the outside doesnt mean a thing! Im missing you more and more each day and i love you baby, just wish i was waking up in the night for cuddles off you and giving you your night feed instead im waking up to a empty room without you, my life will never be the same without you and i cant bea to think of ever being happy without you i need you Harry i really need you :'(


  1. I know hearing I'm so sorry for you probably means so little to you right now, but I truly am and your post just brought me to tears. I am sure your mum is in heaven taking great care of him and wishing they could be with you right now also. I pray that someone in Heaven is watching over my little guy also and am praying for a few less gloomy days for both of us

  2. Oh Hannah! I'm so sure that Harry and your Mom are in a beautiful place, they are loving and missing you, and wishing they could heal the wounds in your heart!! I'm praying for you, really truly I have been. There is no justice on this earth, and nobody should have to endure the things you have in this last year, especially at your age! I wish there were some way I could help! Please know there will be better days to come, even if that seems impossible right now! I'm sending you a cyber hug!